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Maths Week 2021 - Challenges and Fun!

This week 18th-22nd October was Maths week! Mr. Hanley and Ms. Kelly organised some maths activities for the whole school to do.

Each day started with a tricky maths brainteaser for the children to solve. Can you solve this?

What day would yesterday be if Thursday was four days before the day after tomorrow?

There were also maths orienteering hunts organised where children went around the school answering maths sums. Each answer corresponded to a letter and the children had to crack a code.

The estimation game of the week had all children and staff guessing (and hungry!) The children had to estimate how many jelly teeth were in the jar. The answer to the puzzle was 231. Congratulations to Charlie from Ms.Moroney’s 4th class who was closest to the answer with 234 and won the jar of sweets. Enjoy the sweets!!

The children also had their maths eyes on and went searching for maths in their environment with their maths eyes posters. See if you can solve Mason from Mr. Hanley’s 5th class’s problem that he created in his poster using Jammie Dodgers, apples and a fork.

There was also great fun in all classes with maths quizzes, maths trails, maths tv shows every day and some brilliant STEM activities such as Ms Delaney’s 3rd Class’s towers they built using marshmallows and toothpicks.

It was a great mathematical week full of numbers, puzzles and fun!


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