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History coming to life!

Crannógs were houses built in the Stone Age. They would build them on man made islands. They would make the islands from throwing logs and sticks into the lake and once they build up the island they would put dirt on the island. They would usually have their whole family living in one crannóg. They would sometimes have stones in the water in a pattern only the people living in the crannóg would know. They would be crossing the lake neck deep in water and there would be a pattern of stones under the water so intruders could not get in. They would sometimes have a watch tower in the crannóg. Some crannógs take up the full island or you can have one with multiple little houses on the island with the wall around them.

~ Dearbhla

How we made the crannógs.

So we started off and we placed down some clay in the shape of a circle. Then we stuck down some lollipop sticks and others stuck down toothpicks. We waited for the clay to dry. Oh, I forgot to tell you that we made bridges out of twigs and others made their bridges out of lollipop sticks or toothpicks. The clay dried and we started to make another crannóg inside because we made a village, but everyone else just made a crannóg on its own. While my table and I were making the crannóg, everyone was making the roofs for their crannógs. Also we made a pen for a pig. Some tables made a watch tower. Then we stuck twigs on the crannógs. We waited for the next day. Then we painted the water and it looked good.


~ Matthew


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