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School Garden News

Dear Children,

The good news is that our School Garden will be ready for planting whenever we get back to school! We will need lots of plants then, and you can help...why not try some of the suggestions below?

1. Plant some seeds, if there are any lying about in your house.

  • Cut milk cartons in half if you don't have pots. Be sure to put a small hole in the bottom for drainage.

  • Use soil from the garden if you don't have compost.

2. Plant some fruit seeds E.g. apple / orange pips.

3. Take a cutting from any plant - there are lots of simple videos on YouTube to show you how.

4. Phone your Granny or Granddad or anyone you know who likes gardening and ask them to grow a plant for your School Garden.

5. Make a garden sculpture, bug hotel or bird house - use any materials you like!

If you need any help or have any questions, please contact Ms. McEvoy ( or Ms. Fox (

Have fun!

Ms. McEvoy & Ms. Devlin (Garden Team)

Ms. Fox & Ms. Browne (Green Schools)

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