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International Women's Day in Tallaght Library

On Friday the 8th of March, we went to 'Irish History Live' in Tallaght Library in celebration of International Women's Day.

Michael Moylan taught us about 5 Irish women that changed history. Instead of Professional actors he used people from the audience. We really enjoyed how he interacted with the students. It was very inspirational and taught us that we can be anything we want.

Jessica O'Callaghan and Ella Cullen (6th class).

On Friday 8th March, both 4th classes went to Tallaght Library to celebrate International Women’s Day.

We had a great morning as we learned about key women in Irish history such as Countess Markievicz, Grace O’Malley, Margaret Ann Bulkley (or Dr. James Barry) and Lilian Bland.

The characters were brought to life in Tallaght Library as we dressed up in the clothing these women would have worn and we acted out parts of their stories.

At the end we all had an opportunity to dress up in the clothes. We really enjoyed it. Here are some of our pictures!

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