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Garden update

The garden is slowly and surely being restored to its former glory - lots of progress has been made in recent weeks. The main area of the garden has now being cleared and a lorry from the Parks Department arrived with a generous donation of bark, which is now in place.

Joe, our caretaker, has replaced the old rotten wooden borders of some of the flower beds with new ones. Patrick Hunt, Heritage Expert on the Heritage in Schools Scheme, Heritage Council visited us on Thursday March 9th. He helped the 3rd & 4th class children to weed the flower beds and we then planted onions, garlic, peas and potatoes.

We have ordered some stepping stones and are waiting on these to arrive this week. These will us to gain access to our wider beds and we can work harder on our weeding. Patrick is returning this Thursday March 20th, when we will be doing lots more planting - Watch this space!!!!!!

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