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Open Garden Day

After a slow but fruitful year's growth in the school garden, we had our garden open day on Friday last June 22nd.

The sun shone, the band and the choir were superb. Stalls of garden produce were set up, rhubarb jam, brown bread, cordials (rhubarb and elderflower), rhubarb tarts, all made by the children were on offer to our guests. We also had a plant stall.

In the garden itself, every class had a successful crop - potatoes, peas, beans, lettuce, cabbage, onions and garlic to name but a few. Colourful displays of calendula and stock bloomed also.

To cap it all each class had worked very hard on their garden art, which displayed withe plants, was amazing.

An now its back to hard work - everything is to be harvested this week!

Here at St. Martins we embrace the essence of TEAMWORK, together everyone achieves more.

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