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Local Garda Clinic in St. Martins N.S.

I am delighted to hear that the school has given the go ahead for the new Garda Clinic,

As the new Community Policing Garda for the area of Oldbawn, Aylesbury, Marlfield & Ellensborough I am grateful that the new Garda Clinic will be located in St Martin’s National School, the location is central & excellent.

I expect that the implementation of the new Garda clinic will be of great convenience to local residents and a great way to engage with local Community Gardai in a friendly environment.

I am proposing that the Garda clinic take place one day per month initially, the first Wednesday of the month from 7pm-8:30pm with a view to increasing the number of days depending on local interest and demand.

Over the course of the Garda clinic I will distribute Crime Prevention Literature and facilitate the signing & stamping of documentation i.e Passport applications etc, providing the relevant documentation is present to support the application. I will also be in a position to supply relevant documents should they be required (i.e passport forms).

I will be recommending that any crime incidents be reported to Tallaght Garda Station at the time of the occurrence and not the Garda Clinic, as delays in reporting crime incidents will have a negative effect on the investigation.

I would like to take the time to thank everyone for their assistance inestablishing the new Garda clinic.

Kind Regards,

Andrew Gibbons, Garda

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