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Ridiculous Rhyme Show

We are pleased to welcome The Ridiculous Rhyme Show to St. Martin de Porres National School on Thursday March 5th. The Rhyme Rocket is based around promoting and developing children's literacy skills and the live workshops, entitled The Ridiculous Rhyme Show, will aim to do the same

The Literacy Show will be for Junior Infants - 4th

The aim of the show is to promote literacy and encourage children to engage and have fun with creative wordplay through interactive performance. It's an upbeat show full of songs and comedy and has been received immensely well by schools across the UK as a unique learning tool to supplement the literacy curriculum. Lots of laughter, lots of creative learning.

Television Workshop will be for 5th - 6th class

For the older children, a TV workshop will be run. This is a chance for pupils to meet the team and learn about the television industry whilst gaining insight into potential jobs for the future.The children will receive a talk about the presenters' direct experience of working in the industry and discuss how children may look to get into a similar field later down the line. A film production studio will be set up inside the school hall and the students given job roles before filming a few scenes.

If parents would like to find out more information on the show please log onto:

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