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Xmas Hamper Raffle results

Our Monster Christmas Hamper raffle was held this week, raising €2844 for the school. A big thank you to everyone who supported the raffle by sending in items or buying tickets. Without the work of Lorraine Duignan who puts all the hampers together, this raffle would not be as successful as it is, we are extremely grateful for all of Lorraine's work..

Results of our Monster Christmas Raffle

Winner Seller

1st prize Michelle O'Duffy Charlie McCarthy

2nd prize Dermot Collins Ella Dunwoody

3rd Prize Grainne Doyle School

4th Prize Bernarda Naric Therese Nola

5th Prize Carole Mealiffe School

6th Prize George Picard Shane O'Connor

7th Prize Fiona Montague Ava Montague

8th Prize Michael Mcmanus Allen

9th Prize Ugochukwu Sarah and Emmanuel

10th Prize Lindsey Delaney School

11th Prize Thomas Sweeney School

12th Prize Beata Gadomska Marika Myhan

13th Prize Marta Egle Marta Egle

14th Prize Brendan Gartland Ella Carpenter

15th Prize Dorothy Traynor Oliver Lumsden

16th Prize Hugh Jass Denise Carolan

17th Prize Enda McDonagh Aisling McDonagh

18th Prize Sharon Dunne Ellie Dunne

19th Prize Afaf Aldhu Faru Yasmin Mishal

20th Prize Stephen White Ella Dunwoody

21st Prize Christine Laney Shay Rojas

22nd Prize Casey O'Connor Lorraine Duignan

23rd Prize Dawood

24th Prize Timmy Olatuni Tomiwa

25th Prize John Dunne Ellie Dunne

26th Prize Niall Kavanagh Alicia Hayes Byrne

27th Prize Betina Haag Betina Haag

28th Prize Andrian

29th Prize Michael Reade Rhys Fagan

30th Prize Rachel Dunne Cathal Mullen

31st Prize Liam King Matthew Pyke

32nd Prize Sinead Hamilton lacie Finnegan

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